The wine son of fire

Boca doc Adele is a vivid and bright garnet color.
Excellent immediately, but will amaze over the years.
Excellent combinations with meat dishes.

Boca doc Adele

The BOCA is a doc wine that is produced, by law, only in the province of Novara, more precisely in the municipality of Boca, Maggiora, Cavallirio, Prato Sesia and Grignasco; for a total of just 700 hectares of vineyards. Here vines are rooted in a rocky and rugged terrain, of volcanic origin, which has been able to give its grapes that saline wealth that makes the BOCA a particular wine unique. The vines, in turn, have mitigated the harshness of the landscape giving it an almost Mediterranean, because of the cultivation in terraces and those characteristic local stone walls scattered among the pathways system. 

The BOCA born from the vinification of Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Uva Rara and the placing on the market, must meet specific characteristics as indicated by the decree of July 18, 1969. Must possess specific properties about: color, bright ruby ​​red with hints of orange and the smell, a quaint and pleasant scent of violets, and flavor,fruity, dry, harmonious with pomegranate aftertaste. The ‘aging requires three years of which at least two in oak or chestnut, the wine is then stabilized and bottled.

Boca Adele

Wine Characteristics

Il Boca

Technical Data

  • Production area : Boca – Prato Sesia
  • Wine-field Solar Exposure : South, South-West
  • Wine-field Altitude : 400-460 mt asl
  • Surface : 2,5 hectares
  • Age of vines :  0,5 hectares 50 years; 2 hectares 15 years
  • Composition of the soil : the vineyards are situated in the Supervolcano’s Geo-park of Valsesia (UNESCO heritage). The inactive crater of this volcano was formed more than 60 million years ago. It is a unique territory, one of a kind. The soil is rich in porphyry which makes the soil acid and sterile, very suitable for the cultivation of vines.
  • Breeding system : Guyot
  • Plant density : 4500 vines/hectare
  • Yield per hectare : 70/80 tons/hectare
  • Grapes harvesting : the grapes, on reaching maturity towards the end of October, are collected and manually selected to ensure the highest quality and maximum integrity of the grape.
  • Vinification : immediately after harvesting, Vespolina and Nebbiolo grapes are destemmed and pressed After 15 days of maceration on skins and a daily press, the wine is drained and placed in stainless-steel tanks where the malolactic fermentation forced by temperature takes place with natural autochthonous yeasts. Extremely low sulphite dosage.
  • Maturation and Aging  : After 34 months of aging, of which at least 18 in Slavonian oak barrels, the wine is bottled. Refining in bottle for, at least, 4 months. Put up on sale after at least 3 and half years after the harvest.


Organoleptic Characteristics

  • Classification : Colline Novaresi doc Nebbiolo
  • Grape variety : Nebbiolo 85%, Vespolina 15%
  • Color : vivid and brilliant garnet
  • Perfume : elegant and fine. Shades of dark berries, ripe dark plums, blood orange, dried medicinal herbs. Violets, roses and wilted irises. Spicy notes from sweets to deep of cardamom and licorice.
  • Taste : fresh and savory. The mouth is rightly tense for tannins that outline the attitude for ageing. Excellent closing of aromatic persistence of taste and flavor. Excellent immediately, but will only improve over the years.
  • Serving temperature : 18° – 20°C
  • Suggested matching :. optimal combinations with meat-based dishes. Excellent pairings with cold cuts and mature cheeses.

Suggested combinations from the Italian tradition : Tagliatelle with hare or wild boar sauce, roast game, roasted river fish, risotto with sweet gorgonzola, medium-aged cheeses, Fassona tartare.

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Naturally wine

Producing natural wine means to step back, pander to the natural processes supporting them. Only in this way can we ensure a handmade product, respectful of the territory that has generated and its traditions, but at the same time exalted by human intervention and without forcing the production enriches and enhances.

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