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Only a few decades ago, more than 40,000 hectares of vineyards covered the surrounding hilly areas Grignasco and the surrounding municipalities. Going up the Traversagna, the colors flourished luxuriantly rows and strongly connoting perfumes the landscape. But, as a result of the industrialization process that has affected the country since the sixties of the last century, it has undergone a sharp transformation.

The fallow vineyards have gradually given way to the forest, which incedendo undisputed seemed invaded and transformed them irreparably. The grape culture, though, so rooted in this territory, has been able to curb this advanced, driven by the passion of a new generation of winemakers working to return to the vine his land.

Our company is part of this rebirth of shared project and a common commitment to preserve an area that, despite everything, has managed to retain traces of their history. Evidence of a not so distant past, in fact, are in the memory of the people and the landscape itself.

Our vineyards are located in the Supervulcano Geo-park of Valsesia (UNESCO heritage). The inactive crater of this volcano formed more than 60 million years ago is a unique territory. The soil here is rich in porphyry which gives an acid and sterile soil, very suitable for the cultivation of Nebbiolo and Vespolina , which find their natural habitat here.

Naturally wine

Producing natural wine means to step back, pander to the natural processes supporting them. Only in this way can we ensure a handmade product, respectful of the territory that has generated and its traditions, but at the same time exalted by human intervention and without forcing the production enriches and enhances.

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