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Cite an interesting anecdote from the newspaper La Stampa on May 30, 1974

Even the Pope Pius X liked the wine Boca. In the first days of September of the year 1900 the Patriarch of Venice, Cardinal Giuseppe Sarto, accompanied by the Bishop of Novara, Monsignor Eduardo Pulciano, with his secretary Don Maurizio Fossati, came in a carriage to visit the Sanctuary of Boca, he stopped on the way back to the parish house where the young parish priest Don Michele Merlino, happy with the praise of Cardinal who was amazed to find a ‘so much great work in poor area, uncorked for the guests some bottles of excellent wine that kept for special occasions. Monsignor Pulciano after the first taste, said with satisfaction: “my lord, this’ really wine Cardinals”, but was immediately Patriarch’s answer: “Your Excellency, forgive me, but I am not of his opinion, this is not ‘wine Cardinals’, but wine Papi”. His sentence was prophetic because jocular August 4, 1903 he was appointed Pope with the name Pius X. Monsignor Pulciano, he moved to Genoa, he died young and his Secretary Don Fossati, who became Archbishop of Turin, on his visits to the Sanctuary of Boca told often the anecdote.

Naturally wine

Producing natural wine means to step back, pander to the natural processes supporting them. Only in this way can we ensure a handmade product, respectful of the territory that has generated and its traditions, but at the same time exalted by human intervention and without forcing the production enriches and enhances.

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